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It’s in our DNA.

It's not our first time, it’s in our DNA. We are our past, but we walk into the future, far from the beaten track.

We have a thirty-years experience in injection plastic moulding. From this heritage, and from our desire to innovate and experiment with new technologies and materials, at the end of 2018 PU.RO. was born. 

We are based in the Marche industrial district, a highly dynamic environment and one of the main production centers at national and international level. We specialize in the design and construction of moulds and in the molding of plastic materials for the technical and footwear sectors. We can manage the entire industrialization process of a product and we offer our customers a complete, exclusive and personalized service.

Our mission is to provide technically and aesthetically advanced solutions, and to follow our customers during all stages of the process, from design to product realization.