suola stampata in PU poliuretano

A Comprehensive Guide to Polyurethane for Footwear Soles

Polyurethane (PU) is a versatile material acclaimed for its outstanding physical and chemical attributes, extensively utilized across industries. This in-depth exploration delves into various PU forms, spotlighting its unique advantages in footwear industry.

Polyurethane Properties and Applications

Polyurethane (PU) emerges as a key player, renowned for its superior physical and chemical prowess. Its elasticity and resilience make it a prime choice, resilient even in challenging environments and stress conditions.

  • Structural Rigid Expanded Polyurethanes: deployed in furniture and marine sectors for advanced structural capabilities.
  • Rigid Expanded Polyurethanes: lightweight foams catering to thermal insulation needs in construction and industrial and domestic refrigeration.
  • Semi-Rigid Expanded Polyurethanes: applied in automotive settings for components like steering wheels and dashboards.
  • Flexible Expanded Polyurethanes: versatile foams applicable in mattresses, toys and automotive applications.
  • Compact Expanded Polyurethanes and Elastomers: materials for footwear soles, yarns, sports articles and waterproofing.
  • Paints and Adhesives: diverse applications in construction and furniture.

Polyurethane Advantages in Footwear Soles

Polyurethane used in footwear sole production stands out for its softness and durability. Injected directly into the mold with isocyanate, polyol and specific additives, it offers:

  • Resilience to external elements
  • Waterproofing for prolonged wear
  • Lightweight construction
  • Supple texture for enhanced comfort
  • Dimensional stability amidst rigorous use
  • Mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and enduring high temperatures
  • Proven longevity, ensuring sustainable wear
  • Adaptable to custom coating applications
  • Versatility suited for safety, sports, and trendsetting fashion soles

Considering the integration of polyurethane in your footwear production processes? Reach out for a personalized consultation.

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